Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2016 Artists' Studio Tour

During the annual Artists' Studio Tour, artists and artisans from all around San Juan Island open their studios for visits by the public. For this year's tour -- the 25th Annual, held on the weekend of June 4-5 -- my wife, Anne L. Watson, and I visited four studios to see the work of the owners and their guests.

Oil paintings by Becky Kilpatrick, Dreaming Season Studio

Necklaces by Chris Trienens

"Verdi's Time Keeper," mixed media sculpture by Susan L. Williams, Roseblade Studio

Susan L. Williams

Mixed media sculptures by Susan L. Williams

Cyndy Gislason with her jewelry

Francie Hansen and her textile creation

Ceramics by Lumi Verdugo

Annie Howell-Adams with her oil painting

Sue Evans with her oil paintings

Mary Sly (center) of San Juan Silk with two admirers of her handpainted garments

Candid portrait of my lovely wife, Anne L. Watson, wearing a necklace of her own design and making, in front of oil painting by Becky Kilpatrick

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